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Daughter of a devil: the highest demon.

Написано: 04/11/15 Комментариев: 12 Пожаловаться на содержание поста

Genre: Drama, fantasy, romanticism, mythical beings, horrors
Background.Awful wind - such value at a name that carries the daughter of a devil.! Enio-Anemon Chalcedony — the little daughter of a devil. Even the evil dares to love, even the evil has the right for love. Once in the summer the young man Haltsedon, still being the person I met the girl that collected flowers in the field. It stood barefoot on a grass without feeling sorry for the legs at all, on it there was a thin cotton dress in a floor, despite that that on the street was cold. Magnificently red and curly hair was decorated with a wreath of various flowers, and a face freckles as if did kisses of an angel the girl of even more charming. This maiden won at once Haltsedon's heart and he approached her. who are you?" - he Asked then. The girl looked at it and told - "Siren". Haltsedon didn't know what to speak further so simply I smiled. The siren understood that the young man tested and laughed loudly, but her laughter of Haltsedon didn't offend, he laughed together with it. After such ridiculous and awkward acquaintance Haltsedon and the Siren spent together the whole summer. The siren was the maiden of water which image was in a view of a half of people and half fish, but to the young man it didn't prevent. In this house there was one mystery which it specially made for the Siren. Floating under the house the girl could get inside having opened in a floor the hidden hatch. In this house it could always dry up the tail and address the person. At the end of summer Chalcedony made the proposal to the Siren and they got married, and in December of the next year they gave birth to the daughter whom they called Enio-Anemon. (Ennio - Horror. An anemone - a wind) At that time on lands Ametriya was terrible war between people and who them wasn't those. Of course having learned about marriage by the prisoner between the person and the maiden - people were angered. They locked the Siren in a huge glass cube in which to it it was necessary to live the years. Chalcedony couldn't endure such grief and damned all. It was suppressed that couldn't save the beautiful wife therefore wanted to rescue at least the daughter. Having taken the baby on hands he last time kissed the little daughter and stretched a lump to the loyal friend, Karnely. Karnely didn't even try to dissuade the friend perfectly knowing that that all exactly won't listen to it. He simply accepted the child having promised will take care of the baby. At once after that Chalcedony got a sword and having got on a black racer went to fight. It killed many people for that night, and at daybreak exterminated a half of lands of Ametriya for love. His soul couldn't recover from this loss any more, and heart absolutely coarsened having turned to stone. The man got to an underworld for all the acts having become a devil, and his daughter the strongest demon.  Karnely together with the wife Libya raised Ennio as the native daughter. Libya couldn't have own children therefore, accepted Ennio as native especially as the baby was then absolutely small. She sewed Ennio of a dress, embroidered graceful patterns on a hem, and Karnely took the girl in the wood and on fishing. Enio-Anemon grew very clever, obedient and beautiful girl, but here only on execution of the sixteen-anniversary strange things began to happen to Ennio. Hair of the girl began to sit gradually then turned into silver threads, it everything told about genes her to mother, Ennio became the maiden. At that time it couldn't control herself and its forces filtered outside. The girl burned with a blue flame with which the underworld burns and talked in unclear language similar to hissing of a snake. It was difficult to Karnely to hide it from human eyes therefore, he arrived on another. It and his wife went together with Ennio to the king what to ask pardons and blessings. The lock of the king and queen looked very elegantly. It was constructed of a stone plentifully decorated with sculptures and bends, it lasted up. At an entrance to the lock there were statues in the form of the last governors — Airena (Queen) and Alvar (King). Ennio very long I looked at Airena's sculpture but when she saw it alive I lost a speech power. This woman was endowed with extraordinary beauty. A straight silky hair to a waist, big green eyes as at the elf and small lips with straight lines. Some considered that in its sort there were those whom called by evil spirits.
       Karnely put the right hand on heart and bowed, and after pushed Ennio forward. "This girl my daughter - Enio-Anemon." - it Presented it to the King and the Queen. "Her real mother was a maiden, and the father the person" - Continued it. "I with the wife came to ask blessings on life. I want that my daughter would live and this awful war came to an end." - he Explained the arrival. The queen became interested and stretched in before. "Her hair real?" - Airena Asked. "Yes, Queen!" - I Interfered Ennio. Airena rose from a throne and approached the girl. The queen took a silver lock in a hand and carefully considered it. "These hair - your shape, but what your real appearance?" - Airena Asked. That day Ennio on the present I thought of the appearance. Ennio was the girl with beautiful red hair as at mother, and an eye at it blue and very light. The girl worried that won't learn to control the forces and forever remains the gray-haired monster. The queen gracefully approached Alvar and started being whispered with him, and in a couple of minutes the King rose from a throne and declared - "Enio-Anemon you has to will become engaged with ours the son the successor of a throne. Our people will estimate this marriage as the maiden will be the following queen and war between people and beings will stop."

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Комментарии (12)

23:10 05/11/15
Shimura D Shinpachi(Патсуан), следующий пост.
22:34 05/11/15
Можно мне версю на русском?
18:34 04/11/15
Кардинал Чань, Хорошо тогда сюда скину. Хотя это на любителя. Мой первый фанфик.
Кардинал Чань
18:33 04/11/15
Алулаева, может тогда на русском покажешь)
18:29 04/11/15
Кардинал Чань, нет это не удачный, низкоуровневый, перевод фанфика с русского на английский.
Кардинал Чань
16:05 04/11/15
Это домашка по английскому?)))
15:36 04/11/15
Волк1000, yasno-ponyatno.
15:33 04/11/15
Alpharan, понятно. Ну, там кратко история о некой несовмести двух разных расс описана и по мне так продолжение может быть...
15:32 04/11/15
Волк1000, гугл транслит- отродье сотоны. Насиловать свой мозг сегодня не хочу.
15:30 04/11/15
Alpharan, переводчик хорошо всё перевёл, так что с переводчиком всё понятно)
15:29 04/11/15
Eto zhestoko otshen, moya angliyskiy ponimat ploho.
15:18 04/11/15
это как предисловие?